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Reservation in the Restaurant, Hotel and Travel Agency

Reservation in the Restaurant, Hotel and Travel Agency

Special Expressions in making a reservation in the Travel agency, Restaurant, and hotel



would like to reserve 
Business class
Night flight
Return ticket

a single ticket to Jakarta


would like
am going
am supposed 

to book  a double room

for this weekend
Can  May Should
I / We
a table for two for lunch ?



I / we

make reservation for a week
my traveling to Bali ?
trip to Manado next week ?
journey to Lombok island tomorrow ?
I / we
book a train seat
for this afternoon ?

Special expressions in handling a reservation
Yes, sir/madam            what sort of room do you need ?
Yes, of course             do you prefer stalls or balcony ?        
Certainly. When will you fly, sir ?       ( simple future )
                When will you be flying, sir ?          ( future progressive )
I am sorry  to inform you that all (seats/ rooms/ tables/ tickets/inns) have been reserved

Constructions with enough and too
Too + Adjective
eg. This soup is too salty for me
The plane`s ticket is too expensive 
Adjective + Enough   
eg. The hotel room is comfortable enough
He will be old enough to take the trip to Africa

Kosa Kata (Vocabulary)






Sort of....

Some more







Checking account



Some expressions in the Restaurant, hotel and Travel agency
At the Restaurant
-        May I help you
-          What would you like to order ?
-          Are you ready to order ?
-          Would you care for a drink before dinner ?
-          May I take your order, please !
-          How would you like your meat? rare, medium or well done
-          Anything to drink ?                       
-          Vegetables !
-          Is everything all right here !
-          anything else ?
-          Just a minute !
-          Here you are.
-          we haven`t decided yet.
-          We are ready to order now. I`d like……
-          Excuse me, could we have some more !
-          May I have the bill. Please!
-          Everything is delicious here
-          Pass me the salt, please!
-          How much does it cost ?
-          What is the price of…….

At the Hotel
-          May I help you, sir/madam !
-          This is reservations
-          Welcome to our hotel.
-          For single or double room?
-          There are standard and deluxe with balcony room, here
-          I beg your pardon Sir !
-          Could you spell your first name, please?
-          May I have your ID card, sir/madam!
-          When do you plan for check in/ check out!
-          Have a nice stay, Sir/Madam.
-          Here is your key.
-          Would you like some help with your luggage?
-          Please, check your bill.
-  Excuse me!
-  I want to make reservation for single room.
-  I plan to check in tomorrow and stay for  a week,
-  What kind of facilities here?
-  What is the rate for single bedroom ?
-  What`s the check out time ?

At the Travel Agency
-          May I help you, sir/madam !
-          We have five flight a week, in the morning at 7.15 AM
-          Do you want to exchange the tickets ?
-          Adi Sumarmo is for the domestic flight only.
-          To abroad flight, you can fly from Sukarno Hatta
-          What can I do for you, Sir/Madam?
-          Would you like to take a seat, please?
-          Can I get you something to drink?
-          Just a moment, please.

-          I`d like to make a booking for three
 persons of Garuda flight to Singapore
-          Are there still seats available ?
-          Could I have a flight ticket to Singapore?
-          How many flight do you have to Singapore, a week ?
-          Do you stop over Batam ?

Exercise 1
Practice  in pairs and translate into Indonesian


WAITER          : Good Evening sir, welcome to our restaurant.
GUEST             : Good Evening!
WAITER          : Please be seated, I’m just bringing a glass of water for you.
GUEST             : Thanks!
WAITER          : What would you like to have sir ?
GUEST             : What’s your specialty ?
WAITER          : We are known for a delicious Chinese food.
GUEST             : Please bring one plate Manchurian with Fried Rice.
WAITER          : Kindly wait, your order will be delivered within 5-10 minutes.
GUEST             : OK.
WAITER          : (After Five Minutes) Here is your order sir.
GUEST             : Please bring one Coke also.
WAITER          : Yes sir.
GUEST             : (After having the meal) The food was quite good and your service also.
WAITER          : Thanks a lot!
GUEST             : Please bring the bill.
WAITER          : Here is the bill sir.
GUEST             : This is your bill and tip also.
WAITER          : Thank you, please do visit next time and have very wonderful night.
GUEST             : I will.

Exercise 2
Practice in pairs and translate into good English !

A : Permisi,  bisakah saya memesan 4 kamar untuk dua minggu?
B : Oh., tentu. Berapa lama anda akan disini ?
A : Bolehkah kami mengetahui harga ticket ke Bali, Pak ?
B : Tentu, Maaf . pesawat apa yang anda ingin ?
A : Dapatkah saya buat pesanan untuk perjalanan dengan kereta api  eksekutif ke Jakarta, minggu depan?
B : Ya. Boleh tahu nama dan alamat anda ? 
A : Omong-omong, berapa tarip per malam, di hotel ini ?
B : Tarip per malam 200.000 dengan pajak 21 %
A : Saya telah mendaftar untuk konperensi di hall hotel ini.
B : Maaf Pak. Kapan anda memesannya ?

Exercise 3
In pairs, rearrange these jumbled expressions into a good conversation.
Then, act it out with your partner.

                          IN A RESTAURANT

1. Waiter          : Would you like anything to drink?
2. Customer     : Yes. I’d like a hamburger and a large order of chips, please.
3. Waiter          : Yes, Sir. And would you like anything else?
4. Customer     : Yes, I’ll have a mixed fruit salad.
5. Waiter          : All right. What would you like for dessert?
6. Customer     : Yes. I’d like a large fresh coke, please.
7. Waiter          : May I take your order, please?
8. Customer     : yes. May I the have bill, please !
9. Waiter          : Is everything all right here.
10. Customer   : No, thank you. That’s all.
The customer has finished  eating

Exercise 4
Translate into good English !

1.      Kami akan memesan satu meja untuk makan malam 
2.      Berapa harga tiket kereta api kelas exekutif  ke Bandung ?
3.      Bisakah kami memesan kamar untuk hari Minggu ?
4.      Apakah yang ingin anda pesan, nona?
5.      Bisakah anda mengisi surat pemesanan ini?
6.      Berapa lama anda akan menginap di  “Setyaki hotel”
7.      Permisi, bisakah saya membayar dengan kartu kredit ?
8.      Permisi Pak, Dimana kamar mandi?
9.      Apakah ada masjid dekat restoran ini?
10.  Dimana  ruangan untuk  makan siang ?

Exercise 5
In pairs, makes short dialogue with the situation below
you call one of the hotel, to make a reservation and your friend as the receptionist answer the phone

Exercise 6
Makes a simple dialogue based on this situations, below ! choose one of the situation, then practice ! groups

you reserve  some rooms for your colleague for 3 days, you will have a meeting, dinner, and sport
you reserve a travel to railway station. Your family will  go to Bandung next Sunday morning.
you are in the restaurant. Reserve some food for dinner with your friends