Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Conditional Sentence ( Kalimat Pengandaian)

Conditional Sentence ( Kalimat Pengandaian)

Conditional Sentence  TYPE I
A.      If  simple present, present future   ( mungkin terjadi)
If I am rich, I will buy the hotel
If it rains tomorrow, I will not go to school

Conditional Sentence  TYPE II
B.      If  simple past, past future   ( bertentangan dengan fakta present/ saat ini)
If she were my wife , I would always make her happy   
Fact: she is not my wife
If she were sick, she couldn’t do the work = were she sick, she couldn`t do the work
If I lived in a village, I would jog everyday

Conditional Sentence  TYPE III
C.      If  past perfect , past future  perfect ( bertentangan dengan fakta past/ waktu lampau)
If you had invited me, I would have attended it
as you didn`t invite me , I did not attend it
If the train had been late, I would have taken a taxi

Selain IF juga bisajuga menggunakan :
on condition that (dengan syarat, provided that (asalkan) unless (kecuali jika)